Is your back stiff after a hard day of work? Do you feel stressed and you want to get a soothing massage that will relax you both physically and mentally? Then check out the following comparison of the top 5 best massage chairs on the market, and go with one of these models to ensure that you will get the high-quality massage you deserve.

Top 5 Massage Chairs Comparison

1. Inada DreamWave 2. Real Relax Favor-01 3. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II 4. Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity 5. Human Touch iJoy-2580
Inada DreamWave Picture Real Relax Favor-01 Picture RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Picture Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Executive Picture Human Touch iJoy-2580 Picture
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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Inada Real Relax RELAXONCHAIR Titan Chair Human Touch
Dimensions (L x W x H) 55″ x 37″ x 48″ 52″ x 32″ x 47″ 65″ x 30″ x 40″ 52″ x 31″ x 34″ 44″ x 35″ x 40″
Weight 265 Pounds 160 Pounds 183 Pounds 255 Pounds 88 Pounds
Power 120V AC / 60Hz / 208W 120V AC / 60Hz / 100W 120V AC / 60Hz / 230W 120V AC / 60Hz / 250W 120V AC / 60Hz / 260W
Available Colors Black, Cream, Dark Brown, Red, TruBlack Leather Black, Khaki, Burgundy Brown Black, Brown, Charcoal, Cream Black, Espresso


Number of Motors 13 N/A N/A 11 2
Pre-Set Programs 16 4 4 8 3
Manual Massage Types 15 N/A 3 6 4
Number of Air Bags 100 35 N/A 38 N/A
Roller Type 4-Roller System; 28.4″ – Length 4-Roller System 4-Roller System 4-Roller System 4-Roller System; 24″ – Length


Automatic Timer
Remote Control
Zero Gravity
Heating System
Body Scan System
Ergonomic Design
Other Features DreamWave Technology Extendable Footrests Airbag Intensity Control Calf & Foot Massager Auxiliary Power Outlet
Smartphone Pocket Foot Massage Rollers Calf & Foot Massager Automatic Leg Scan Built-In Control Panel
Youth Session L-Tracking Massage System Seat Vibration Custom Intensity
Deep Relaxation Setting Intensity Control Cup Holder
Back 3D Mechanism Double Automatic Adjustment Power Recline
Air Level Button
Auto Customization


Product Warranty 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 2 Years
Customer Support
User Manual

Health Benefits You Can’t Miss Out

Specially designed to replicate the motions of a massage therapist, these chairs have recently become more and more popular and for good reason. Besides the fact that a massage chair can help you relax every time you want without to make an appointment to the local spa, it’s also beneficial to your health. To find out how exactly a massage can help you improve your health, read the following lines and see why is such a great idea to invest in a massage chair.
  • Improves Circulation

  • According to some studies, a massage chair can help you improve circulation. An increased circulation does wonders for your body as it promotes cell growth and organs function due to the oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood. At the same time, your skin also benefits from an improved circulation becoming much healthier and capable of fighting bacteria. Furthermore, the muscles become more relaxed and the immune system is strengthened.
  • Corrects Your Posture

  • Many people have an incorrect posture due to the fact that they sit all day long at work or because they have back pains. Luckily, with the help of a massage chair, your muscles will relax and your mobility will be greatly increased. Additionally, the spinal alignment will be adjusted which means that in time, if you massage your back constantly, you will have an improved posture.
  • Reduces Pressure on Nerves

  • Since the chair supports your back in a horizontal position, the pressure on the spine will be significantly reduced. Therefore, the major nerves that run through the vertebrae and supply the peripheral areas of the body will be freed from pressure, enabling them to travel much easier to the toes, fingers, and so on.
  • Eliminates Stress

  • Another great health benefit of the massage is that it can significantly reduce stress, which is the main factor of heart diseases, sleep problems, depression and so on. All this can be easily prevented with a 15-minute massage session right in the comfort of your own home. Soon enough, you will surely see a significant change in your mood, helping you be more relaxed and concentrated on the daily tasks.
  • Lowers Lactic Acid Build Up

  • Since the massage increases the blood flow, the lactic acid build up will decrease, so your muscles will be more relaxed after a workout session. Many people usually confront with this problem, but it seems that a simple massage is a great solution for reducing the muscle fatigue. As a consequence, you will be able to improve your performance with little effort.